Brand Representatives

Laura Harris

Hi my name is Laura, I am show rider who lives in South Australia.

I have been a keen horse rider since the age of 4 years, it wasn’t until I was 15 when Mum and Dad finally relented and allowed me to have my first horse.

Local Kadina horsewoman and harness racing trainer Leah Harvey gave me a retired Standardbred. Wilbur and I became best friends, however tragedy struck 18 months later when Wilbur died of a snake bite. 

After losing my best friend I did not believe that I ever could replace him, but after traveling 2000km, 3 states and riding a variety of breeds I was introduced to Teddy another little Standardbred from Hamilton, Victoria.

Originally named Rooster, the little Standy had an endearing back story and it was love at first sight, we just seemed to bond from the very first test ride.

Bringing him home to SA we attended our first show bringing home a neck full of ribbons and as a team we have gone from strength to strength. Standardbreds are not everyone’s ideas of a perfect horse and not all people can ride one, but for me they are the perfect all round pony. 

Teddy and I compete regularly across South Australia in showing. We have achieved goals that I have never thought I could achieve as a rider including being three time South Australian Standardbred State Champion Walk Trot Pleasure Horse.  

However showing is not the only thing we do together, whether it be pony club games, a stockmans challenge, a sunset ride on the beach, a trail ride around town or whatever Teddy is pointed at he just puts his best hoof forward and gives it a go. Which is why I have so much love for this little due, nothing phases him.

Scarlett Sinclair

My name is Scarlett and I currently have a 5yo Riding Pony galloway named Mike (Dunelm Grand Design).

I bought Mike as an unbroken 2yo and took the time to break him in myself and am now enjoying the process of his education. 

I have always been a showie and showjumper but have recently developed a love for Dressage so the next few years for us will be seeing how far we can go in the arena and with our training.

We have set some pretty big Dressage goals for ourselves and are extremely thankful to Dreamers Equestrian for the opportunity and support on our journey 🦄

Elaine van den Berg

I am a New Zealand based dressage rider, originally born in the USA.  I started out in dressage on a Standerdbred gelding doing level 1.  We have trained through the grades to be competing Advanced Medium, training towards Advanced.  

A highlight for us was qualifying to compete Advanced Medium in NZ’s horse of the year show, which was sadly cancelled due to Covid.  

However we plan to get back there next season.  Recently added to our team is a Swedish Warmblood who is very quirky and I hope to start taking out next season. 

I work full time as a dressage rider, coach, and eventing groom.  I am head coach at one of Auckland’s Pony Clubs and Vice President for Auckland Manukau dressage. 

I use a combination of ridden and groundwork to train my horses, plus lots of hacking to keep them mentally happy.  I enjoy self-producing horses, and bringing them on from the start.   

Amylie May

Hi there my names Amylie I’ve been asked a little bit about myself so here goes nothing I’ve been riding since I was 15 years old, started off at a local riding school before progressing on to getting my own 4 legged companion.

I’m a EA para Equestrain Rider with the hopes to get to FEI classified in the 12-24th months with the dream to one day represent my country in Para dressage.

Many things inspire me I find joy in simple things an example being on my horse or any horse I ride they push my abilities further and inspire me to be a better rider.

Motto in life - get up and have a go ! Facts about myself I have a small Photography business I love reading and learning something new